Credentialing Management Solutions

Credentialing Management Solutions

Before getting paid for your services, credentialing is an important aspect for the success of any medical provider, for many healthcare professionals, it is a daunting task that many care to outsource.

In order to become part of any government or commercial payer’s network, all providers must become credentialed. Without medical credentialing, a healthcare provider will not be able to provide care for patients covered by the patient’s insurance carrier and expect to be reimbursed by that payer. Without comprehensive and accurate credentialing, payers may choose to pay only a partial claim, requiring your patient to pay the balance.

INFINITI ensures that a healthcare practitioner has all the necessary education, training, skills and licensures required to safely and effectively provide services for your practice, facility or organization.

Our clients benefit from the diversity of our staff’s experience and extensive knowledge of the credentialing industry. Our Credentialing Management Solutions ensures better revenue and profit fulfillment for the provider.

Our Credentialing Solutions Include:

Initial Credentialing

  • Apply for all designated payers
  • Update and maintain CAQH database
  • Update and maintain NPI database
  • 1 year contract (provider may request credentialing with payers up to last day of contract
  • Follow-up until determination by all payers
Credentialing Maintenance
  • Update and maintain CAQH database
  • Update and maintain NPI database
  • Apply for re-credentialing when due by each payer
  • 60 day, 30 day, 15 day notification of Medical License/DEA Registration/expirations
New Payer Credentialing
  • Apply and follow-up until determination by payer
New Office Location
  • Apply and notify all designated payers and follow-up
Hospital Appointments
  • Apply and follow-up until determination by facility
Hospital Re-Appointments
  • Apply for re-appointments when due by each facility
Medical License / DEA Registration/Etc…
  • Apply and follow-up until determination