Practice Metrics and Analysis

Practice Metrics and Analysis

INFINITI RCM  is more than a medical billing company.  After almost 18 years working in practice management we know how successful practices work and the information physicians and managers need to make sound decisions for their practice.  We are working everyday to add valuable reports and reporting tools to our practice information suite.  

Fee Schedule and Reimbursement Analysis

Knowing what to charge for your medical billing services can be a shot in the dark. Let our practice management consulting team perform a fee schedule analysis and provide insight as to where your fees stand in relation to Medicare and other payors.


Trends Analysis

Our practice management experts help you make sense of the data via long term trends analysis reporting. Examples include collection percentage,clean claim ratio, denial pattern, expected payment report, Long Term Payor/CPT analysis,industry benchmarking.These analysis provides a snapshot of your business performance and shows where you are in relation to a particular standard.


Custom Reports

Don’t see the information you need in our scores of on-demand and end-of-month reports?  As your data company we can create the exact report you need to make informed decisions about your practice

At your request our team of IT and programming professionals can create custom reports to meet either on-going information requirements or one-time analysis. We will do everything we can to provide valuable data and meaningful analysis to our clients!

Additionally, our Client Portal provides dozens of configurable reports and charts that show data using user selected criteria.