Backed with more than 10 years of medical revenue cycle management (RCM) experience, we at Knack Global have championed the idea of minimizing bad debt and maximizing revenues.

To uplift and adequately manage your revenue cycle in health-care, Knack Global understands that under billing your customers is one of the major threats to your physical therapy medical revenue cycle management. These details form the basis of any kind of claims or bills. If not followed through properly, it even further lowers your personal training charges to often leading to steep reductions in reimbursements. Something that might often lead to an increase in denials too. It is here that RCM medical and RCM services of Knack Global can be utilized for customization of physical therapy practices.
Recent statistics show that $900 billion in healthcare costs are being billed to insurance companies. Healthcare providers must ensure accurate processing of charges and ensure timely filing to achieve reliable revenue streams. Joining hands with a global RCM company that understands, and tailors the RCM process to fit your needs, and does away with the complexities, by following a sophisticated approach, is the need of the hour.
At Knack Global, we specialize in building a streamlined workflow process with greater output by using a client’s host system and a hybrid of manual and automatic solutions.