Leverage our expertise for your Billing and AR needs and Reduce your operating cost by atleast 70%

Revenue Cycle Management

Our  comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) solution provides you access to cost-effective and optimized revenue performance processes.We support growing organizations by increasing collections, reducing the cost to collect, and scaling seamlessly as you grow.Gain efficiency, insight, and actionable intelligence through technology-enabled workflows, real-time dashboards, and practical analytics.


Revenue Generation

  • Referral Management
  • Contracting Analysis
  • Underpayment Analysis
  • Coding Review
  • Patient Access

Revenue Maximization

  • Billing
  • Posting
  • Denial Management
  • A/R Follow Up

Revenue Capture

  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility
  • Authorization
  • Charge Capture
  • Coding


5percent increase in revenue

20percent increase in cash

60percent decrease in accounts receivable

30percent decrease in cost to collect

infinite ability to scale